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In 2004 our company purchased a pasteurization system for frankfurters. The machine, designed and manufactured at Gal-Esh, has been working flawlessly since 2005.

House of Raeford Farms – U.S.A. Poultry processing

The machines designed and manufactured at the Gal-Esh factory have proven their efficiency under difficult working conditions. They are effective, require little maintenance are easy to use.

Osem – Nestlé -Sabra Salads – Israel Manufacturer of Hummus and Salads

INDYKPOL is the leading turkey meat and processed goods producer in Poland, with a 20% share in this market segment.

Indykpol – Poland Turkey meat and processed goods producer

As a leader in our field in Israel, we examined a number of Israeli as well as international manufacturers only to find that Gal-Esh gave the best answer to our needs

Hamim VeTaim – Israel Manufacturer of traditional ethnic frozen foods

Tadir-Gan is a highly reputable manufacturer, well-known worldwide, with over 30 years of experience in aluminum high-pressure die casting and machining.

TADIR-GAN (PRECISION PRODUCTS) 1993 LTD. – Israel Manufacturer of machined and assembled aluminum high-pressure die cast products

Gal-Esh's system utilizes a proven advanced pasteurization process, which contributes to a clean and safe product, with longer shelf life.

J.G. VAN DER MEY B.V. – Holland Manufacturer of meat products

our company purchased a continuous deep frying tunnel from Gal-Esh. The machine, designed and manufactured by Gal-Esh, has since been part of our assembly line.

Peppo foods – Canada Manufacturers & Distributors of Fine Foods

Of Tov has been buying its machinery from Gal-Esh for more than twenty years. In 1999 Of Tov acquired the Hod Lavan Company for which Gal-Esh manufactured much of its machinery.

OF TOV GROUP – Israel Producer of a wide range of meat products

After 70 years of success, SOGLOWEK GROUP stands at the forefront of Israel's food industry and commands a sizable share of all four of its main market categories.

SOGLOWEK GROUP – Israel Producer of a wide range of meat products