Technical Features

This semi automatic washing cabinet is available in various sizes:

  • Single cart washing machine.
  • Double cart washing machine.
  • Triple cart washing machine.
  • Quadruple cart washing machine.
  • Available with a loading slope. (if digging for ground level is unwanted)
  • Stainless steel construction, doors and panels insulated
    and hermetically sealed.
  • Costume design by costumer needs!
  • A, B, C, D, are clculated by the costomer’s racks sizes
  • High capacity Stainless Steel pressure pump.
  • Washing hydropressure activated sprinklers.
  • Easy to operate manually or automatically.
  • Easy maintenance.



  • Perfect cleaning, unmatched by any similar methods.
  • Low labour cost.
  • Saving in water consumption and Detergents.
  • Energy saving.
  • High speed cleaning cycle.
  • On line system saves the need for extra equipment
    and additional floor space.
  • Modular construction, possible to enlarge at any time.
  • Compact design available in any dimension and
    suitable to meet customer’s budget.
  • Quick return on investment.


SEMIWASH 5-w1200-h1200

SEMIWASH 6-w1200-h1200

SEMIWASH 7-w1200-h1200

Rights and Changes

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