Post Packaging Pasteurization is performed on vacuum packaged food products in flexible film suitable for thermal processing. Using Gal-Esh pasteurizers eliminates the need for a shrink tunnel.

The patented system consists of a heating tunnel fed by a closely monitored hot water deluge under constant recirculation. The ratio of water to product is kept to a minimum, thus immediately responding to addition of heat as called for. The water is heated by a closed steam line. No live steam is injected into the water. This is the most efficient energy utilization.

The pasteurized product is conveyed to a chilling tunnel where the same method is used to fog and deluge the product with cold water, brine or glycol solutions.

The function of post packaging pasteurization is to heat only the product surface, minimizing deep heat penetration. Unlike other pasteurizers, in our system the product core temperature does not change. The only appreciable temperature rise occurs in the exterior ¼ – ½ inch layer.

During the chilling step the product is deluged with the cold medium. The surface is chilled immediately while chilling the ½ inch deep layer to 40 F requires more time. This will require a much longer chilling tunnel.

In order to contain costs, we conducted a series of heat penetration studies. These tests concluded that by cooling the outer ¼ inch layer to 50 F and placing the racked or boxed product in a 35 F cooler, the temperature will equilibrate within about 4 hours, much quicker in a blast cooler. This procedure will decisively reduce the cost of the system and the machine foot print.

Enclosed you will find test results for:

  1. Pasteurization and full chilling, (12/1/99)
  2. Boxing, chilling, equilibrating in a 41 F cooler, (9/19/99)
  3. Boxing, chilling, equilibrating in a 46 F delivery truck. (11/3/99)

Our system can be extended by adding heating or chilling modules or “double decker” installation.

The system is hydraulically driven. Water and chilling medium temperatures cab be manipulated to obtain the desired product conditions, enabling pasteurization of different products of various weights and shapes on the same machine. We can also provide a specially cleated belt for retail packaged products.