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Enhancing the safety of processed meat products

Pls. Find common questions that we have been asked by potential customers, and our answers.

We must emphasize that pasteurization of frankfurters (sausages), is entirely different from that of deli meat, which necessitates different size equipment and process.

The frankfurters package, contains several franks, in 1-3 layers. Pasteurization must be adequate to destroy the bacteria on the touching surfaces.

Therefore, frankfurters should be fully pasteurized, while deli meat should be surface pasteurized only.


Q1     Why is in-package pasteurization, the most efficient and safest method?

A1     In package pasteurization is the only method to produce the following results:

  • Product characteristics are not altered (Texture taste, color).
  • Product chemical structure is not altered (no additivs).
  • No danger of re-contamination, as product is being pasteurized, after vacuum packaging.
  • No customer resistance (as in irradiation)

Q2     What are the main pasteurization methods?

A2     – steam chamber

– hot water bath

  • high volume water diluge, trickling over product surface (GAL-ESH system).

Q3     What are the main advantages and disadvantages of each of the main pasteurization methods?


Pasteurization methods Advantages Disadvantages
Hot water bath or tunnel Simple method ·         Long process time·         Increases internal product temp.·         Lack of uniform, surface heat distribution
Steam chamber or tunnel Simple method ·         Long process time·         Increases internal product temp.·         Lack of uniform, surface heat distribution
Hot water trickling(Gal-Esh system) ·         Simple method·         Short process time·         Very uniform surface heat distribution·         Controlled process, which prevents increased internal product temp. ·


Q4     What is the effective solution, GAL-ESH system provides, to overcome contamination?

A4     Frankfurters (sausages)

Pasteurization of vacuum packed frankfurters, by heating them to 71°c core temp., using trickling hot water. After pasteurization, product is re-chilled.

The fact that product is vacuum packaged, ensures no re-contamination.

This treatment assures adequate. pasteurization of touching surfaces between individual frankss.


Deli meat (Hams, Roast, Turkey Breast)

Short time, surface pasteurization of vacuum packed deli meat, by hot water trickling.

No need to raise core temp., hence no need for re-chilling.


Q5     How does the GAL-ESH hot water trickling system, perform?

A5     The GAL-ESH hot water trickling pasteurization tunnel, is built on the principle of 3 water levels.

Lower level –      This is actually a receiver where the water is heated by and water temp. is closely controlled. The hot water is pumped to the upper tank.

Middle level –     this is the housing of the product conveyor.

This housing is built in a way that water level can be

adjusted to avoid Product floating.

Upper level –       Receives the hot water and trickles it through numerous special nozzles, on the product surface.


Frankfurters :   The ratio of trickled water is 200:1, hence 200 liter of water to 1 kg. of product, in a cycle of 3-8 minutes (depending on product and size of package).

After pasteurization, product is being chilled.


Deli meats:        The ratio of circulated water to product is 20:1, hence 20 liter of water to 1 kg. of product, in a cycle of 2-4 minutes (depending on product surface, shape and size).

Q6     What is so special about the GAL-ESH system?

A6     Here are the highlights of the unique GAL-ESH system.

  • Very fast and uniform heat distribution over the entire product surface, hence fast and efficient process.
  • Hot water temp. is controlled closely to the product temp., hence preventing over-heating or damage to the product.
  • Compact, reliable and easly integrated with other equipment.
  • In most cases, in products weighing of over 1 kg., there is a slight change in product temp., hence there is no need to re-chill product.
  • Chilling provided when needed.
  • In case of frankfurters, GAL-ESH tunnels include chilling section to re-chill product.
  • Cost effective, simple, low maintenance system, resulting in safe clean product. Eliminates dangers of costly product recall.