Company Profile

Yitzhak Eshtein; C.E.O

Yitzhak Eshtein; CEO

GAL-ESH STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCTS LTD. was established in 1974.
The manufacturing facilities, offices and warehouse are located at 13, Hayarmoch street, Yavne, Israel.
GAL-ESH STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCTS LTD. Is a privately owned company.

Yitzhak Eshtein is it’s owner and active CEO.

The Quality Management System of GAL-ESH has been audited by the Standards Institution of Israel.
Additionally it found to comply with the Quality Management Standards:
ISO 9001:2008 and comply with the USDA requirements.

GAL-ESH is an approved supplier to the Israeli Military Industry, to Israeli Aviation Industry to the I.D.F
and to the food processing industry.

GAL-ESH activities: Equipment Manufacture, Export, Installation, Services.


High performance equipment for the food processing and chemical industry, such as:

  • Pasteurization Systems – Deli Meat and Frankfurters(Sausages), including in-line chilling, which were developed by GAL-ESH and were patented in 1993 in the US (US patent No. 5179890 January 19, 1993) and Europe. Our units operate in the U.S., U.K., Holland, Poland and Israel.
  • Automatic Feeders into pasteurizers.
  • Bactericide Applicators – frankfurters, sausages & loaves prior to slicing.
  • Frying Systems, in-line(continuous) or Semi-Automatic.
  • Cooking System
  • Vacuum Tumblers – with/without chilling system : loading system by vacuum suction system or by bucket lifts.
  • Washing Systems – tunnels for crates, molds etc., cabinets for trolleys & oven trolleys.
  • Gas fired conveyorized ovens for roasting eggplants, vegetables (which were developed for salads production plants), wings, kebabs, hamburgers & liver.
  • Mixers for the food industry.
  • Conveying & Loading Systems.
  • Accessories: High Speed Agitator/Emulsifier, Portable Scale for 200 Liters Bucket, Lifters, Portable Bucket Dumper, Suction Truck.
  • Specialized equipment per customer’s needs.


Industry Oriented:

  • Washing Systems – High-Pressure Die Cast Products.
  • Conveying & loading systems.


The plant is equipped with state of the art machinery and quality control systems for the manufacture of stainless steel products, for food, chemical and other industries.

Our machines are exported to Europe and to the U.S.A.

We are committed to after-sale-service and to warranty according the inernational rules/regulations.