Custom Made

Upon its founding the GAL-ESH Company recognized the growing needs in the food industry,
and particularly the meat production industry, for custom made machinery,
specifically tailored to the client’s needs. Different products are produced by different methods and with different capacities.
For over 20 years the GAL-ESH Company manufactures for its worldwide clients machines specified and
produced for their various specifications,
from the size of the room the machine will be in and the way it will be entered (on-site assembly)
through the different energy media available on-site and to the specific capacity for the relevant product.


We sold tens of machines

in Israel and

around the world

Our worldwide clients include plants on different scales:
local, continental and intercontinental. Judging by our 20 years of experience, geographic distance between manufacturer and client is not an obstacle, since our machines are robustly designed and need only minimal maintenance, with parts readily available in local technical supply shops everywhere. Our machines have a proven life span of over 20 years.

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The GAL-ESH Company employs mechanical engineers, industrial engineers, quality assurance engineers and some of the best professionals metal workers in Israel. Through the years, the company developed and manufactured many machines and crafted continuous working relations with leading figures in Israel and around the world in areas such as food engineering, water engineering, energy engineering, electronics and control engineering and more. This cumulative experience allows the company to keep its position in Israel and around the world as a leading manufacturer in the industry.

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As an industrial producing plant. we understand the importance of the machine in the plant's production array, especially for a food plant. Therefore, we see punctuality as a leading value!
Our factory is equipped with state of the art, cutting edge production machines, and therefore we can manufacture quickly while maintaining continuous and high quality standards in every step of production, from specification to final assembly at the client's plant